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Saturday, September 20, 2014

How Not To Be Poor: Rich Man’s Secret

So many people have been brought up with the wrong mental approach towards wealth and success. We were brought up that hard work pays off. I’m not saying that it doesn’t, but hard work can truly make you the richest man on the graveyard. A person of true wealth and riches is not a slave to his work. He enjoys it, but it never controls him. The rich man can stop work at any moment and just enjoy his family and friends . Money comes to the rich man. He does not go to the money. Wealth and success is attracted to the rich man. But how?
The secret is within him. The secret is so ingrained in his brain that his mind made it a reality. The secret has enveloped him. He breathes it. He lives it.

Do you want to know the Rich Man’s secret?

Here it is:

*Poverty is pain. Poverty is nothing. Ingrained your mind with only wealthy thoughts, never poverty. You swim in poverty and you’ll drown in poverty.

*Be humble. Always give. Be a good person, because karma is a bitch. Don’t ever ever fill your mind with HOPE. Hope is for the weak Always think “All is done in my favor.”

*Be firm. The weak belongs with the weak.

*Be swift with decisions. You sway and you’ll get slayed.

*But the primary secret of a rich man is this: I have and I always will have. I create with my mind. My mind is powerful. I live wealth. I am wealth. I am success, love and peace. I am all that I want to be. I AM my own creator.

And this is the secret of the rich man. Learn it, live it and most importantly teach it to your children. BEING Poor is a hazard and man creates it.

Live wealthy, strong, healthy and happy.

Till next time,
Jesse Castaneda, Jr.

Become a God. Reprogram your mind for total wealth and success.


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