Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Getting rich is a journey. It is an unforgettable adventurous path. It is filled with excitement, struggle and lessons learned. There is power in all of it.

Money isn’t everything -it’s the only thing. 

Don’t worry if you fail because failure makes you wiser. Failure makes better. If you have many failures after success, you are wiser than you were before. When you struggle, you struggle because you are not where you want to be. In the moment, forget about the struggle and move on to solutions and perfection. The road to perfection is another wonderful ride. Perfection is natural; in the image of the gods we were made. Wealth and success is as natural as breathing. Remember, we were made perfect. In the eyes of our creator, we are as natural as they come. Getting rich is natural. This is what we are. We are wealthy, but we have not realize it because our minds have been blinded. Kings and Queens, Emperors, Dictators and the Church has debunked our true inheritance -which is … we are wealthy beyond our wildest dreams!

“The kingdom Of Heaven Is Upon Us,” said Jesus Christ.
And so it is.

  Let the mind bring forth our riches because it has been there all along. Our perfect health and happiness is all ours to claim. Let your eyes be opened to all the riches of the world because we deserve to have all that our creator has intended for us to have. The mind is everything. The mind is the kingdom of heaven, for it is there that we claim our power, our riches, our happiness and our perfect health. So be true to your existence. You have been given the greatest gift in the world. Getting rich is good. Being poor is not. Be true to yourself and receive what our creator intended for you to have. Your inheritance has been there all along and it’s waiting for you to claim it.

’till next time,
Jesse Castaneda, Jr

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