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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mind Art And The Power To Create

Creating -this is what humans do. We program our mind from what we see and feel. Our experiences and our imaginations mold our lives. Yet, so many of us do not use the power of intent to have a more joyous journey on this earth. Exercising this powerful force will activate the magical being in you. The art of attracting what you want to experience is surreal at first. When we start using this powerful force and begin to be very good at it, all seems to appear as of by magic. Try it. Experience the power of being you. It just takes an open mind, the power of focus and fifteen minutes. Your mind is the ticket to getting anything you want. Your mind has guided you to where you are right now.
Mind by Ramneek Narang
  Are you satisfied with what you created? If not, create something better. Exercise the power to create with intent. Imagine a blank canvas and just paint whatever you want in it. Yes, it's that easy.  We are creating art. Whether, we like the results or not - it is what we created. Paint a better portrait of what you truly desire.

Jesse Castaneda, Jr.
Author, Entrepreneur & Not Of This Earth

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