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Saturday, September 20, 2014

How Not To Be Poor: Rich Man’s Secret

So many people have been brought up with the wrong mental approach towards wealth and success. We were brought up that hard work pays off. I’m not saying that it doesn’t, but hard work can truly make you the richest man on the graveyard. A person of true wealth and riches is not a slave to his work. He enjoys it, but it never controls him. The rich man can stop work at any moment and just enjoy his family and friends . Money comes to the rich man. He does not go to the money. Wealth and success is attracted to the rich man. But how?
The secret is within him. The secret is so ingrained in his brain that his mind made it a reality. The secret has enveloped him. He breathes it. He lives it.

Do you want to know the Rich Man’s secret?

Here it is:

*Poverty is pain. Poverty is nothing. Ingrained your mind with only wealthy thoughts, never poverty. You swim in poverty and you’ll drown in poverty.

*Be humble. Always give. Be a good person, because karma is a bitch. Don’t ever ever fill your mind with HOPE. Hope is for the weak Always think “All is done in my favor.”

*Be firm. The weak belongs with the weak.

*Be swift with decisions. You sway and you’ll get slayed.

*But the primary secret of a rich man is this: I have and I always will have. I create with my mind. My mind is powerful. I live wealth. I am wealth. I am success, love and peace. I am all that I want to be. I AM my own creator.

And this is the secret of the rich man. Learn it, live it and most importantly teach it to your children. BEING Poor is a hazard and man creates it.

Live wealthy, strong, healthy and happy.

Till next time,
Jesse Castaneda, Jr.

Become a God. Reprogram your mind for total wealth and success.


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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


  Manifestation can be formed by thought. The mind can manifest anything into form. The mental alchemist can produce whatever he or she desires. There is nothing that can not be done; anything and everything can be done. The mental alchemist is all about manifestation. Energy is free. There is no owner. It is distributed through-out the universe, dimensions and worlds. The energy belongs to whoever holds life. It is empowered by the alchemist. It is distributed by all life forms, but the one who is aware of the energy around and within HIM, is the one who can propel HIMSELF  to greatness.
  Energy is neither good or bad; this only belongs to the mental alchemist. It is yin and yang or God and Devil.
 From riches, to perfect health, success, peace and happiness, the mental alchemist can manifest all these things.
  In order to be successful and wealthy, the mental alchemist must dwell in  wealth and success energy in order to manifest wealth and success. In order for the mental alchemist to have peace, happiness and perfect health, he must SWIM in this energy in order to produce forth these things in his or her life.
  All is energy. Money is energy. Be one with money energy and bring forth great wealth. Be one with the energy that you want in your life and it will bring forth the thing that you desire. Like a lemon seed produces a lemon tree and sprouts lemons, so does the energy you dwell YOURSELF in will produce familiar results.  Does the seed of an oak tree bring forth Berries? Obviously not. If one wants to be a master mental alchemist, he must feel HIMSELF in the same energy it wants to manifest into form.
Be one with your desire and it will manifest. This is the law of creation. You cannot fail.

Jesse Castaneda, Jr.
Author, Entrepreneur and Not of this world.

Become A God. Reprogram your mind for total success and wealth.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


  All humans are cursed. I am serious. We were cursed since the beginning of time. We did it to our lovely mind. We have the curse of the "monkey mind"; we have limited thinking.  Most people can't think beyond greatness. The monkey mind can not go beyond what is experienced.  Man's evolution depends on "Unlimited Thinking". It start with the average Joe. We all need to put our part. Think beyond your normal living. Don't just think "What If" --Oh, No! Imagine and believe it can be done! All is possible. From instant manifestation, telepathy and teleportation, we are all gods. There is nothing that we can not accomplish. We have been created to evolve like the gods.

  Nah, you scoff. It's all rubbish, you say. There is a way to accomplish every imaginable thing we contemplate on. We are the creators of the world. Your curse ends here. Give your limited thought a death sentence  ... starting now.
The monkey mind curse -

  A believe is powerful. I mean is so powerful that man will destroy others for the sake of a believe or so called principle.  You see it daily. You see it throughout the world. It's time to believe in YOU.

  Break the curse. Do it now.

  I will teach you, but it's up to you to follow until you lead. Here's how.

  Answer the questions below and do as I say:

  Do you believe that you or others have limited beliefs? Do you believe in human teleportation using the mind? Do you believe in the after life?  Do you believe in instant manifestation? Do you believe in instant healing?  Do you believe in levitation? Do you believe in life in other worlds? Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in your own mind?

How far did your believe go? Without doubt, did you actually answer yes to any of the questions? If no, you have limited beliefs.

  If you have trouble believing any of the things above, try researching any of the subjects I mentioned. If you see someone physically teleporting, levitating or someone performing a miracle, would you believe then? If you saw a large amount of data and/or evidence pertaining to any of the subjects I asked about, would you believe then?

  It's easy NOT to believe in anything. When your mind is open, the possibilities are endless. Whatever greatness you can imagine, you will certainly achieve.

  In order to break the curse of "limited thinking", train your mind for unlimited possibilities. Read about great strange things. Learn about new concepts. Stop being  your "normal" self and multiply your thought process. Expand your imagination. In your mind, all is possible.

  Remember what Jesus said:

 "Truly I say to you, Whoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein." MARK 10:15

  Think like a child - imagine great ideas! Break the curse of the monkey mind! Experience more and expand your mind. Your success in everything depends on it.

Jesse Castaneda, Jr.
Author, Entrepreneur and Not Of This World

Reprogram your mind. Become a god. Listen to this recording.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Manifesting Possibilites: Miracles Made Easy.

  Miracles are not rare. Miracles happen everyday and often. You can perform any miracle you want. From curing disease to manifesting money, it all can be done. This is the truth. Slip out of your negative or monkey mind, if you will, and dive into the super mind that you were born with. Imagine that anything is possible. There are no limitations. We are what we bound ourselves with. There can be no limits if you intent to master the power of creating a better reality for yourself. Stop living in cage. Jump into th driver seat of your powerful mind and start changing things for the better.

Manifest Miracles

  But you ask how? Hmmm. Okay, I'll give a just a little taste of the power of manifestation.

  Here we go ...

  Thought is everything. Imagine pure white light in the middle of your forehead (third chakra). Imagine your third eye vibrating. Yes, please imagine this until you feel it actually vibrating. If it doesn't the first time you try it, you'll just need a bit of practice that's all.

  When you accomplish the vibration of the "third-eye".  Imagine what you want to alter or manifest. Hold the thought for about ten minutes or so while the third eye vibrates. Something awesome happens after a while. You will feel a shift. This is called  a reality shift and once you feel this shift you have altered reality. Don't think so? Well, this is how miracles are made.

  In my book, (How To Get Rich: The Art Of Attracting Money) I discuss powerful yet simple techniques to alter reality in more detail. The same techniques can be used for anything not only money. Altering reality is not hard, you just need practice. We are wizards in a world full of illusion. If you believe this, anything is possible.

Jesse Castaneda, Jr
Author, Entrepreneur and Not Of This World.

Reprogram your mind for total Wealth, Success and Power


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


  Do you monitor your thoughts?  Well, you should.The factor behind failure and
success is the way you carry on your thoughts. One hundred percent failure comes from doubt. We all need a little faith. Thoughts carry vibrational energy that form your reality. This is not science fiction. This is a fact. I'm pretty sure you heard "the law of attraction"? Think it's  a load of crap? Well, you are wrong. Thought is what makes you or breaks you. A billionaire is not a billionaire because he focuses on poverty. Definitely not. Your thoughts are your way to whatever it is you desire. "All There Is" comes from how and what you think. Do not underestimate the power of thought because this is the power behind creating and altering reality.

  Focus thought holds powerful energy. Practice monitoring your thoughts. Constant thought of a specific idea brings about that concept in your reality. All is an illusion. Thoughts will always shape the world around you.

  You could say, "I didn't ask for this. Why is this happening?" Try to re-track. Review your memories. Fear about certain situations will sometimes bring about the event. Any time you think of a fearful or frightening thought, just waved it away by saying, "I am always protected and guarded". It does help.

 You deserve what you think. So, be careful. Being aware of your thoughts aids in you becoming a better individual. Try it. Any time you have a negative thought just say, "I am above this. I am is what I am. I am better than yesterday and I will be better tomorrow. Amen."

The simple affirmation is very powerful and makes powerful changes in your life. Change your thoughts, change your life.

Jesse Castaneda, Jr.
Author, Entrepreneur and Not of this world.

Become a God. Powerful subliminal.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


  In my upcoming book, I explain powerful ways to attract money. I am not going to
 reveal any of the techniques I use to acquire large sums of money right here. Of course, you should read the book; becoming the master of attracting great wealth does take a knack. Money is energy, and if you want to tap into this energy, you need to practice feeling energy vibrations.. In my book, I do describe several ways of tapping into the vibration of money and when you do, opportunities of wealth become a powerful magnet. It might sound silly to some people that us humans are capable of attracting anything we want and to others its just a load of crock, but I have earned thousands of dollars a month using the same techniques  I reveal in my book.

  In order for you to step in the money energy, you need to step away from the poverty energy. Hope is weak. Lack is weak. The thought of "everything is expensive" is also weak. This is the energy that poor people use. Detract from it. Poverty is a sickness. All has been given to you by the creator. We have a choice. We can be poor and weak or we can be what we were intended to be - powerful, prosperous and perfectly healthy creatures of the universe. Does that seem ridiculous to you?

  If you want wealth to enter your life, you need to step away from the poverty mind. Start now by keeping your thoughts on prosperity. Put an end to your daily talk of lack, hope and struggle. Now matter how life seems right now, you can always change it by adjusting your thought pattern.

  Remember, the mind is a powerful creator.

Jesse Castaneda, Jr.
Author, Entrepreneur and Not of this world.

Become A God. Reprogram your mind for total wealth and success.
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Monday, September 1, 2014


  The mind can free you or break you. Attachment is not real. All is an illusion.
You feel because you want to. You experience the world around you because you
chose to do so. If you feel that you need to let go, but you simply cannot,
you are simply  battling your own mind and choose to feel those same old feelings about certain situations. Not letting go has turned into a hard habit to
break. If you are serious about letting go, then you must realize the truth.
  And Jesus said, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."  John 8:32
 The truth is simple. Only your own mind can free you. You are your own destroyer and creator.
What the mind creates, you partake. Unleash yourself from the chains of attachments that don't make you feel good. It's okay to let go. Your mind can create any reality it wants. Reality is an illusion - a damn good powerful one! Be cautious not to delve into a dark existence of despair. Like I said, the mind is a powerful creator and destroyer. Be alert. You are the master of the illusion.
 The truth is that the world around you  can be altered. You and I create what is real. We can grasp and let go. We can adjust and modify. We can do anything we want. So hence, we can accept or deny any feeling we want.
  So, the secret to letting go is ... just let go. You are in command.
Jesse Castaneda, Jr.
Author, Entrepreneur and Not Of This World.
Become A god. Re-program your mind for power, wealth and success.
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