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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


  Do you monitor your thoughts?  Well, you should.The factor behind failure and
success is the way you carry on your thoughts. One hundred percent failure comes from doubt. We all need a little faith. Thoughts carry vibrational energy that form your reality. This is not science fiction. This is a fact. I'm pretty sure you heard "the law of attraction"? Think it's  a load of crap? Well, you are wrong. Thought is what makes you or breaks you. A billionaire is not a billionaire because he focuses on poverty. Definitely not. Your thoughts are your way to whatever it is you desire. "All There Is" comes from how and what you think. Do not underestimate the power of thought because this is the power behind creating and altering reality.

  Focus thought holds powerful energy. Practice monitoring your thoughts. Constant thought of a specific idea brings about that concept in your reality. All is an illusion. Thoughts will always shape the world around you.

  You could say, "I didn't ask for this. Why is this happening?" Try to re-track. Review your memories. Fear about certain situations will sometimes bring about the event. Any time you think of a fearful or frightening thought, just waved it away by saying, "I am always protected and guarded". It does help.

 You deserve what you think. So, be careful. Being aware of your thoughts aids in you becoming a better individual. Try it. Any time you have a negative thought just say, "I am above this. I am is what I am. I am better than yesterday and I will be better tomorrow. Amen."

The simple affirmation is very powerful and makes powerful changes in your life. Change your thoughts, change your life.

Jesse Castaneda, Jr.
Author, Entrepreneur and Not of this world.

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