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Monday, September 8, 2014

Manifesting Possibilites: Miracles Made Easy.

  Miracles are not rare. Miracles happen everyday and often. You can perform any miracle you want. From curing disease to manifesting money, it all can be done. This is the truth. Slip out of your negative or monkey mind, if you will, and dive into the super mind that you were born with. Imagine that anything is possible. There are no limitations. We are what we bound ourselves with. There can be no limits if you intent to master the power of creating a better reality for yourself. Stop living in cage. Jump into th driver seat of your powerful mind and start changing things for the better.

Manifest Miracles

  But you ask how? Hmmm. Okay, I'll give a just a little taste of the power of manifestation.

  Here we go ...

  Thought is everything. Imagine pure white light in the middle of your forehead (third chakra). Imagine your third eye vibrating. Yes, please imagine this until you feel it actually vibrating. If it doesn't the first time you try it, you'll just need a bit of practice that's all.

  When you accomplish the vibration of the "third-eye".  Imagine what you want to alter or manifest. Hold the thought for about ten minutes or so while the third eye vibrates. Something awesome happens after a while. You will feel a shift. This is called  a reality shift and once you feel this shift you have altered reality. Don't think so? Well, this is how miracles are made.

  In my book, (How To Get Rich: The Art Of Attracting Money) I discuss powerful yet simple techniques to alter reality in more detail. The same techniques can be used for anything not only money. Altering reality is not hard, you just need practice. We are wizards in a world full of illusion. If you believe this, anything is possible.

Jesse Castaneda, Jr
Author, Entrepreneur and Not Of This World.

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