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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


  Manifestation can be formed by thought. The mind can manifest anything into form. The mental alchemist can produce whatever he or she desires. There is nothing that can not be done; anything and everything can be done. The mental alchemist is all about manifestation. Energy is free. There is no owner. It is distributed through-out the universe, dimensions and worlds. The energy belongs to whoever holds life. It is empowered by the alchemist. It is distributed by all life forms, but the one who is aware of the energy around and within HIM, is the one who can propel HIMSELF  to greatness.
  Energy is neither good or bad; this only belongs to the mental alchemist. It is yin and yang or God and Devil.
 From riches, to perfect health, success, peace and happiness, the mental alchemist can manifest all these things.
  In order to be successful and wealthy, the mental alchemist must dwell in  wealth and success energy in order to manifest wealth and success. In order for the mental alchemist to have peace, happiness and perfect health, he must SWIM in this energy in order to produce forth these things in his or her life.
  All is energy. Money is energy. Be one with money energy and bring forth great wealth. Be one with the energy that you want in your life and it will bring forth the thing that you desire. Like a lemon seed produces a lemon tree and sprouts lemons, so does the energy you dwell YOURSELF in will produce familiar results.  Does the seed of an oak tree bring forth Berries? Obviously not. If one wants to be a master mental alchemist, he must feel HIMSELF in the same energy it wants to manifest into form.
Be one with your desire and it will manifest. This is the law of creation. You cannot fail.

Jesse Castaneda, Jr.
Author, Entrepreneur and Not of this world.

Become A God. Reprogram your mind for total success and wealth.