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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


  In my upcoming book, I explain powerful ways to attract money. I am not going to
 reveal any of the techniques I use to acquire large sums of money right here. Of course, you should read the book; becoming the master of attracting great wealth does take a knack. Money is energy, and if you want to tap into this energy, you need to practice feeling energy vibrations.. In my book, I do describe several ways of tapping into the vibration of money and when you do, opportunities of wealth become a powerful magnet. It might sound silly to some people that us humans are capable of attracting anything we want and to others its just a load of crock, but I have earned thousands of dollars a month using the same techniques  I reveal in my book.

  In order for you to step in the money energy, you need to step away from the poverty energy. Hope is weak. Lack is weak. The thought of "everything is expensive" is also weak. This is the energy that poor people use. Detract from it. Poverty is a sickness. All has been given to you by the creator. We have a choice. We can be poor and weak or we can be what we were intended to be - powerful, prosperous and perfectly healthy creatures of the universe. Does that seem ridiculous to you?

  If you want wealth to enter your life, you need to step away from the poverty mind. Start now by keeping your thoughts on prosperity. Put an end to your daily talk of lack, hope and struggle. Now matter how life seems right now, you can always change it by adjusting your thought pattern.

  Remember, the mind is a powerful creator.

Jesse Castaneda, Jr.
Author, Entrepreneur and Not of this world.

Become A God. Reprogram your mind for total wealth and success.
Just listen to this.

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