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Thursday, September 24, 2015

This Is Why You Fail and Why You Don't Bring In The Money

  If you're not bringing in the money, don't blame it on the economy. And please, don't blame it on your customers or your competition. Even though some customers might be going to your competition because you swear by it, the result of the lack of business is the result of your thoughts not being in the right framework. There is a structure behind everything you do. There is substance to all your thoughts. Your focus, your intent and your energy establishes your presence in this reality. The world is what you make of it.

  Every time you think of the lack of customers, you get no customers. Every time your phone doesn't ring with business, your thoughts meditate on it and begin to embellish notions of why you are not acquiring customers. If your business is going to your customers and so your thoughts broaden and reap what it sows.

  But you say, "The economy is bad. They always say it on the news."

  I hear you, but I don't listen. And you shouldn't either.

 The law of the creation is this ... YOU MAKE THE WORLD FROM YOUR OWN THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS.

 There is always more and there will be more. The question of "Why not?" should be "Why so much?"  And your life statement should be this: "My cup runneth over."

  No matter how the energy is around you. You should never stand for poverty, pain and a feeling of failure. You cannot. Your creator made you stronger than that. Abundance is all around you, but you just don't notice because the "Why not?" has infected your mind.

When business is slow don't react, but always know that your "cup runneth over".  Don't be the victim of your own negative thoughts.

There are plenty of customers. There is plenty of wealth for you and your competition. When one customer goes to your competition, two go to you. When ten customers go to your competition, twenty go to you.

When the phone doesn't ring with business, get ready for the avalanche of customers. It's giving you time to prepare for the busy days ahead.

Always place your mind on the "potential" and not the "failures". No matter what happens, you will always succeed because it has been established before you were born that you are greater than your obstacles.

To get more business and more customers, just remember and say, 'My cup runneth over". And you will always be blessed.

Jesse Castaneda, Jr.


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