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Friday, January 23, 2015

Networking with Wealth: The Money Prayer

Most of us want the best things. But in order to accumulate the best things, one must have the money to have the finer things in life. If you fail to network with money, you will never acquire it. And when I mean network with money, I mean associate "all your mind" with money and success. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want people to be obsess with money -hell no! I want people to have a better relationship with money. I want you to better cooperate mentally with money.

 If you fail to attract money on a daily or weekly basis. You are not cooperating with the power of money. The mindset has to change.

 Think of a relationship you have. Think of this great relationship that is dear to you. How do you describe the feeling of the relationship?  How do you cooperate with it? Would you dare treat this  relationship unfairly?

Now think of a relationship that you just do not resonate with. How do you feel when you think of this bad relationship? Does it frustrate even when you think of it? Does is make you angry? Upset? Depressed?

  Well, unfortunately, some of us deal with money the same way we deal with bad relationships. We get frustrated when we think of  money. Whether we think of the "lack of money" or "I wish I had money" or "I don't have money" or just "money" the frustration is there.

  In order to have money, we must cooperate with the energy of money. Think of money and think of a great relationship you have with someone. Use the feeling that you get from this relationship and associate this relationship with money. Weave it into your "harmonious relationship". I know it sounds a bit odd, but if you cannot resonate will with money, you will never acquire it and ... you will never have a constant flow.

  Never condemn what you want or you will never attain it. Network with the energy of money and give thanks for all your millions of dollars.

  A money  prayer came to me in a dream. This is my money prayer. Use it and you get all the wealth you want.

"Thank you my millions of dollars. Thank you money. Thank you for ALWAYS being there in great abundance. Thank you wealth."

  If you THANK money every day, you will surely have it everyday. 

Till next time

Jesse Castaneda, Jr. (copyrighted Jesse Castaneda, Jr. 01/23/2015)

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